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A Simple Formula Keeps Love Strong

A Simple Formula Keeps Love Strong

Residents Kay Lewis, left and Roy, enjoy spending time together at Trinity Community.

What does it take to stay happily married to the same person for more than 60 years?

For Roy and Kay Lewis, residents living in the cottages of Trinity Community of Beavercreek, the answer is simple: Compatibility, a shared sense of humor and a genuine enjoyment of each other.

“We’re lucky; we just get along well with each other,” Kay says.

When they met in 1945, Roy and Kay may have seemed like an improbable couple. At 26, Roy was enrolled in medical school after many adventures during his military service in World War II.

Kay was just 18, straight out of high school. But their shared interest in science brought them together.

Roy was working as a lab tech at Cincinnati General Hospital when his supervisor asked him to show a young summer employee techniques in bacteriology. Roy was immediately taken with Kay, but she was more focused on learning about the science.

“He was just another person who worked in the lab,” Kay admits.

Over time, though, as Roy and Kay worked together, they saw something in each other that they liked.

“We got used to each other,” Roy says. They began dating and as soon as Kay graduated from college, the couple got married.

After Roy finished medical school, he became an anesthesiologist, running his own busy practice. Kay stayed active raising three daughters. All three followed their parents’ footsteps in the medical profession, as a nurse, caregiver and psychologist.

At the age of 62, Roy decided to retire from his rigorous schedule. For a while, he and Kay lived in the house they built in Beavercreek, and Kay, now an empty nester, worked as a receptionist at Trinity.

While Kay worked at Trinity, both her mother and Roy’s mother were residents. That’s when Kay and Roy got a first-hand look at Trinity’s wealth of retirement activities.

Four years ago, the couple decided to move in as well.

Health challenges may have made it more difficult for the couple to be as active as they’d like, but Roy, now 89, still enjoys telling stories of his wartime adventures. Kay, at 85, still enjoys being with her husband, enjoying his talent for limericks.

And together, after 65 years of marriage, the couple relishes being together.

“I still think she’s just as cute as can be,” Roy says. “Somehow, she can put up with me.”